Ranunculus Flower Fields At Carlsbad Ranch

The Flower FieldsĀ® at Carlsbad Ranch. This ranch has over 50 acres devoted
to raising the ranunculus bulb crop. The dramatic fields of color attract more
than 200,000 visitors each year, many come back again and again. The
ranunculus flower is a member of the Buttercup family. The Tecolote Giant
Ranunculus is the type of ranunculus grown here.

To this day the Flower Fields is the only Ranunculus grower in the world that
allows visitors to walk the fields and experience the bands of color up close.
During the bloom season you can take a wagon ride around the perimeter of
the Flower Fields to get a better look from all sides.

The next time you are in Southern CA between early March to early May drop
by to visit a sea of color at The Flower FieldsĀ® at Carlsbad Ranch.

Happy Gardening
Phil The Gardener

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Illegal Beekeeping In NYC

The residents are ignoring a ban on honeybees in NYC and continuing to promote their hobby. Here is an article in CHOW that is well written and informative on the little critters.

With the very existence of honeybees threatened by disease and CCD I hope they are able to get the ban lifted soon. Honeybee pollination is a vital part of our life.

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Where Do Almonds Come From

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Have you ever wondered, where do almonds come from?

If you live in the Modesto, Ca area you know that cloud of dust that has been coming into your house for the last couple of months is being stirred up as the farmers are harvesting their almonds and other fall crops.

The farmers are bringing in their bountiful crop of almonds once again. The long journey started in the early spring with the beautiful snow colored almond trees in full bloom being pollinated by our friend the honeybee. It takes millions of honey bees to pollinate the almonds in the area around Modesto.

After almond pollination the the almond nut grows rapidly as the trees take in nourishment from the fertile soil, water, and plenty of sunshine. In early August the first almonds are shaken from the trees and thus begins another 2-3 month almond harvest.

There are several varieties of almonds ranging from the soft shells to the hard shelled variety you may find in the mixed nuts in the shell you get for a Christmas gift.

Happy Gardening
Phil The Gardener

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