Control Your Pests

slugsHow many pests do you have in your garden? I bet you have some of these: aphids, ants, earwigs, grubs, mice, slugs, and snails. Pests can cause damage, contamination, to our food. They carry foreign bodies that cause allergic reactions. The best cure is to take preventative steps to control the pests before they cause garden problems.

Do a physical inspection of your home by walking around it with a pen and notepad. Jot down notes of what needs to be repaired or replaced to create a pest barrier: caulk cracks and windows, repair broken window and door screens, check doors and windows that they shut tightly. Make sure your screen door will close quick enough after you walk thru so you don’t have unwanted guests.

Food spills, crumbs, and left over pet food should be cleaned up immediately. Washing and drying your dishes, sweeping behind your appliances, and storing food in sealed containers will discourage the invasion of vermin such as rodents, ants, and cockroaches.

For that renegade bug that gets by all of your industrious efforts to thwart their invasion a swatter or trap will make quick disposal of him. If insects get into stored food seal in plastic and put in the freezer. If all else fails you can purchase pesticides at your local Home Depot Garden Department. For an infestation of an insect you need to choose the correct pesticide for the problem. Contact a qualified person to help you choose the correct product to solve your problem. If you are unsure of the pest identification send me a digital picture, write to me and I will help you identify the problem, then point you to the correct solution.

WeedsPest control can be a little tricky in your lawn. Mowing on a weekly basis and regular fertilization with the proper fertilizer for the season will help keep the grass healthy. Healthy grass is a strong deterrant to weeds. Hand weeding if you have time is best for the environment. If time is of the essence then Home Depot Garden Center can be your friend. I caution you to be careful about pesticides, improper use will not only control your pests, but can be harmful to good bugs like lacewings, ladybugs, antlion (ladybug larvae), and praying mantis.

Best Wishes and Happy Gardening.
Phil Knaus

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