Have you ever wondered why there are critters like earwigs?
Those elusive shy creatures, are they good are they bad? Are they harmful? Do they actually crawl in your ear and lay eggs in your brain? Well you are are about to find out.

I’m looking for a name for my book on earwigs. Do I just call it “Earwigs”?. Do I call it “How To Kill Earwigs”? “How To Control Earwigs”? “What You Do With Earwigs?. Give me some ideas on what you think the name of a book about Earwigs should be.

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Remember there are two things I am asking from you.
(1) Go back up and fill in your name and email for more info on Earwigs.
(2) Go to the comments box and suggest a name for a book on Earwigs.


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