Garden Art: Tips To Recycle Old Junk

In this episode of Gardening Tip One Minute Audio we are going to talk about garden art.

Garden art can come in many forms and if tastefully done it can add a new dimension to your yard.

People have been recycling their old junk, and using it as garden art for years. You can use anything from an abandoned piece of farm machinery as metal garden art to a washing machine as a raised planter.

Old wooden window frames can be renewed into an art piece by gluing bits of different colored glass and creating a Mosaic, or painting any type of themed picture on the glass itself. As long as you protect them from the weather with polyurethane they will last for years. If the glass is broken use a backing of a piece of plywood and attach your art to it.

Here are a few more ideas and use your imagination to add to this list.

Take your broken down wheelbarrow, set it at a nice angle and fill it with dirt plant flowers in it for a nice planter over along side of an old stump.

You can take an old leather work boot and plant hen and chicks in it for a conversation piece.

Place a pot of flowers where the cane bottom used to be in an old cane bottom kitchen chair.

Use an old copper tea kettle for a planter.

If you missed last weeks episode we talked about growing tomatoes.

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