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Here are some questions I received from readers of Phil The Gardener. Readers send gardening questions by filling out the form at Ask
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Jose writes,

How long should I water my lawn here in Nevada?

Typically your lawn should have about an inch of water a week. This can vary some depending on the type of grass, type of soil it is growing in, and the weather.

Harry in Houston wrote in and had these questions,

I would like to know when to plant
1) potatoes

Harry here are some recommendations of when to plant your vegetables in Houston.
Keep in mind that this can vary a little with the weather.
1)potatoes Feb 1->Feb 15th
2)cabbage Jan 21->Feb 21 & Sept 15th ->Oct 15th
3)broccoli Jan 21->Feb21 & Sept 15th ->Oct 15th
4)carrots Oct 15->Nov 15th
5)beans( lima and snap ) – March 1->April 7th & Sept 1->Sept 21
6)tomatoes Mar 1->Mar 31
7)cucumbers Mar 21->Apr 30
8)onions Jan 15->Feb 15
9)garlic Jan 21->Feb21 & Sept 15th ->Oct 15th
10)squash Mar 15th ->Apr 30

Right now a few of the vegetables you can plant are:

2)cabbage Sept 15th ->Oct 15th
3)broccoli Sept 15th ->Oct 15th
5)beans( lima and snap ) – Sept 1->Sept 21
9)garlic Sept 15th ->Oct 15th

Quinn had an interesting question.
He says;

“Hi Phil. I have found this strange flower in northern Minnesota and don’t know what it is. i need a name. its round like a ball all the way around, its purple, has kinda a… soft fuzz on the stem but the stem is hard. its like a thistle. Its very sharp, like thorny, the plant grows around two feet high. Each “flower” is on its own branch off of the main stem. any ideas?”

I replied to his email asking for a picture to help me more readily identify it.

Quinn did send me a picture of the bloom. and from that bloom I determined that it likely was a Globe Thistle.

Gardeners, continue to send me gardening questions. When you do, please send a picture of the whole flower. Sometimes it is just as likely I can identify the plant by the leaves and plant structure as the bloom.

Happy and Healthy Gardening to all and keep sending in your questions.

Again feel free to send gardening questions by filling out the form at Ask
Phil The Gardener a Question

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