Got Milk For Fungus Control!

Got Milk! Milk, It Does A Body Good! Use Milk To Control Fungus!

Fungus is a good thing in the right place. It helps break down the woody fibers in your compost pile.

But when fungus attacks your plants, thats a different story. Fungus can be devastating to your plants. For example if your roses are having trouble with fungus, try an organic tip, use a milk solution to control the fungus.

Milk can control Black spot and Rust on your roses. You can use a 1:1 solution on ornamental garden and houseplants. You will have to experiment with the strength of the solution. It will vary with the problem. A one part milk, nine parts milk sloution will be weak enough that you may need to treat every 3-4 days. A 1:1 solution may last a week. I find that skim milk goes thru the sprayer nozzle better than whole milk. The butter fat in whole milk can plug the nozzle.

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