How To Plant A Magic Bean

Grow Your Own Magic Beans

Project One See How Seeds Grow
You will need:
An empty peanut butter jar, plastic cup, coffee can…. see below for a list of containers
Paper towels

Start Here:
Crumple paper towels 2 or 3 and place in jar.
Poke the beans along the sides of the jar about half way down the side.
Pour about 1 inch of water in the jar to keep the towels moist.
Place jar in cabinet under the kitchen sink or any other dark place.
In a few days the seeds will swell, the roots will seek out the water and
leaves will appear.
Check your beans every couple of days, make a note of how they are growing in your
journal, and put the container back under the sink until it has leaves.
Make Notes in your journal.

Project Two Grow Your Own Magic Beans
You will need:
Large Bush Beans or Lima Beans from the seed store or even the market.
One gallon flower pot
Potting soil
Awl or ice pick

Start Here:
Make sure the pot has holes in the bottom for drainage.
If you need to poke holes in the bottom use an ice pick, awl, or hammer and nail.
(Caution: Parents supervise and help your kids to make sure they are safe at all times, especially when using sharp instruments.)
Fill the pot with potting soil and level the top. (Do not press or compact the soil)
With your finger, make a hole about an inch deep.
Make two holes in each pot an drop a seed in each hole.
Label each pot so you will know what you planted in that pot.
Water the pot and place in a warm dark place. Maybe under your kitchen sink or in a closet.
Water every day.
When shoot pop out of the soil, move the pots to a sunny place on your back porch or in a sunny window.
Keep the soil moist.
Write in your journal each day how much the Magic Beans have grown.

Containers you can use to grow your Magic Beans.
bushel and peck baskets
clay pots
plastic pots
old drawers
plastic buckets
waste baskets
bleach bottles – cut off top and rinse out very well
2 liter soda bottles
glass jars
paper cups
milk cartons
juice cartons
soup cans
coffee cans
pie tins
cake pans
muffin tins
shoe boxes
old shoes

Phil The Gardener

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  2. Great recycling ideas for old containers actually :) thanks for sharing

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