September Episode 4 Minor Bulbs For Spring Color

Minor Bulbs

Most gardeners plant bulbs in the fall preparing for spring color. Have you given thought to adding unusual flowers and different colors to your garden by using minor bulbs.

Minor bulbs are a whole group of bulbs that offer early color, and unusual flowers. They have the ability to be long-lived in the garden. Many of these bulbs, if given a good location and left undisturbed, get better with each year.

When you are deciding what minor bulbs to plant, make sure you look at bulb basics. Heavy soils, either wet or dry, are not conducive to bulb gardening. Till in large amounts of compost to a minimum of 12 inches. Drainage is very important for bulbs to last for more than one season, especially during their dormant season.

Plant all bulbs to the depth of three times their height. This distance should be used to determine width between bulbs.

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