Mothers Day Crafts For Kids

Mothers Day Crafts For Kids

Phil The Gardener invited his wife Kathy on the Phil The Gardener Show. Phil The Gardener and Kathy are going to demonstrate how kids can make the perfect Mothers Day gift for mom.

Let’s give mom a Mothers Day flower.

You will need:
Permanent marker
Paint brushes
Tempura paint a variety of colors
Paper plates for paint palette
Small containers; for example fruit cups, margarine tubs, reusable plastic containers
Newspaper or plastic table cloth to protect your working surface
Paper towels

Steps To Take:

1. Using a permanent maker write your name and date on the bottom of the pot.
2. Prepare the paint, custom mix colors as desired in reusable containers.
3. Put your hand inside the pot.
4. Paint the sides of the pot thoroughly.
5. Get your second color and paint the top band or rim of the pot.
6. Move the pots of color out of the way.
7. Decide what kind of flowers you want to make usually they are yellow in the middle.
If you choose sunflowers then they are brown in the middle.
8. Pour a quarter size portion of each color you would like to use for the flowers and leaves onto the paper plate.
9. Get several Q-tips ready.
10. When the pot paint is dry you can start making your flowers on the pot.

11. Put the pot back on your hand.
12. Using a Q-tip dip it into the color of the center of the flower and push down and up to make a dot on the side of the pot using good spacing around the pot so the flowers don’t overlap.
13. Choose a color for the petals of the flower.
14. Use a different Q-tip, dip in the paint, twirl and make close dots around the center of the flower. It is alright to use different colors on the petals.

15. Get another Q-tip and dip in the green paint.
16. Start at the base of the flower and drag the Q-tip straight down the side of the pot to the bottom.

17. Now we will make the leaves.
18. Dip back in the green paint and put two dots one on each side of the stem.
19. You can add grass the same way you make the stem drag up from the bottom with your green Q-tip.

20. To add lady bugs, make 1 red dot on the stem, flower, or leaf.
21. Let the paint dry and use your permanent marker to make dots on the body for head, antennae, and legs.

22. If you want to make a caterpillar.
23. Get a little tiny bit of paint on your Q-tip and swirl the Q-tip before you start using it. This help remove extra paint so you won’t have a big blob.
24. Make a line of 3 dots or 5 dots depending on the pot size, let that dry.
25. Add antennae, legs, eyes, and mouth with permanent marker.

26. Once the pot is dry. Add a plant and water.
And now you have the perfect gift for mom.

Phil The Gardener

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