Preparing Your Garden For Winter October Episode 3

This week we are going to talk more about preparing your garden for the winter.

After raining for a couple of days the shrubs and trees are sure to appreciate that extra water as they prepare to go dormant for the winter. The leaves are changing color and are starting to drop. To properly prepare for winter, rake up the leaves regularly to prevent smothering the grass.

We don’t recommend completely shutting off your irrigation system, but continue to monitor the amount of moisture you have in your soil and water each area of your lawn and gardens as needed. Your shrubs, trees, and grass need strong roots to bring them through the winter.

It is time to start removing dead and dying plant material from your beds and gardens. This will remove hiding places for pests. Place this material on your compost pile as long as it is not diseased. Adding twigs and woody material to your compost pile is not recommended because it takes longer for this material to decompose.

Ideally, it is best to get a soil sample in the fall. The soil sample will give you a recommendation of what the soil needs for optimum results. Add the recommended amendments such as lime, compost, and manure to your gardens this fall. This will give the organic material plenty of time to break down so it is be ready for use by your plants in the spring.

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