Prevent Lawn Damage – Control Grubs in Lawn

Controlling the grubs in your yard will reduce damage from skunks and raccoons. Skunks and raccoons look for grubs and other insects in your yard.

The problem is as they’re looking for food they’re doing a lot of damage with their digging. Sure the short term fix is to dispose of the pest but another will come and take its place, so you need to implement some long term solutions.

Here are some of those solutions;

Reduce the amount of water you apply to your lawn.
Apply beneficial nematodes to attack the grubs in your lawn.

If the problem is a real bad case of pest digging.
One thing that will help to discourage the pests from digging is to install chicken wire over the grass.
Your lawn will grow through the chicken wire, and and be protected from diggers.
The chicken wire needs to be stapled down with jute net staples.
Raise the mower up a half-inch so if there are any uneven areas in your lawn the blades will not come in contact with the chicken wire.

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