Program Sprinkler Timer

Setting the timer on your lawn or irrigation system means starting with the beginning. Most timers are programmed with a basic concept for setting the current time and day and then setting each zone to operate a specific amount of time.

During the summer set the lawn zones to run a couple of cycles during the cool of the morning. By deep watering your lawn, shrubs, and trees you don’t have to irrigate every day. Check with your city to see what their watering days are. Most cities have an ordinance in place to allow watering your gardens and lawn only on certain days.

The amount of water you can apply in on cycle varies with the soil type you have. Two ten minute cycles allow the water to soak in better than one twenty minute cycle. You want the soil to absorb all the water you apply and then allow some time before applying the next cycle, this will reduce runoff. A cycle is the delivery of water for a determined amount of time to a group of valves.

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