The Elderly Gardener?

Are you getting up in years? Do the youngsters call you elderly.
OK OK to be politically correct I should have used the term
active gardening senior. We’ll just say for the sake of being positive
and upbeat that you are maturing or in the gardening terminology
ripening with age.

Are your hand tools getting harder to find when you set them down.
Paint the handles a bright orange or yellow and just make sure you
don’t hang your yellow handled pruner on the sunflower by the back
step or you might not find it again before it snows.
If it is getting harder to bend to pull those pesky weeds start planning
on planting your flower beds and gardens in raised beds next year.

Seeing as how you have to get up early to use the bathroom anyway,
just put on your slippers and go out and putter in your garden while it
is cool. Mornings are so fresh and peaceful, before the youngsters get
up and come checking on you. You’ve been able to enjoy some peace
and quiet without all their fussing around thinking you’ve fallen in the
watermelon patch and broken your hip. Take a plastic container of
water with you so you don’t get dehydrated. Enjoy God’s creation at
the dawn of another beautiful day. Oh I forgot, make sure you either
carry a bench with you or stash one in the garden the evening before
so if you need to rest, you can sit awhile.

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